We are excited to announce our 15th year as a dance school and our great program we are offering! Registration for our 2020-2021 dance year has started and is due September 18th!

To enroll your child in a beginning class, or if you have any questions, contact Miss Janelle today! -

Our dance school will strive to offer safe classes for your children. Masks will not be required as we believe that oxygen is important, especially with such an exertive activity, but anyone who who chooses to wear one is welcome. Hand sanitizer will always be available and we will be encouraging frequent hand washing. Measure will also be taken to ensure the studio remains clean and sanitized. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, we ask that any students feeling sick stay home along with all other family sibling who may be involved in the dance school. Thank you!

Our 2021 Dance Recital will be held March 13th! (Mark your calendars! More info to come.)