Irish Ceili and Step Dance - Hard Shoe and Soft Shoe

No Classes are being offered at this time.

Irish Ceili and Step Dance, and Irish hard shoe step dance. We also offer a unique lyrical worship ballet class to all ages.

About dance classes:

  • A 16-week program, spanning Oct. - March, will be offered for returning students as well as children (ages 4-15yrs) interested in beginning hard and soft shoe classes.
  • Children can wear any kind of exercise wear to class.
  • Only hard shoe dance shoes are required.
  • Students who miss more than 2 classes in a semester may be required to take a private class if needed.
  • For our recitals, we try to keep costumes simple and multi-purpose (no wigs/competition dresses).
  • We do not do competitions, but enjoy performances! We will be putting on a big St. Patrick's recital this year, as well as over a dozen special requested performances for the "St. Patrick's Day season"! (3rd-year students and up can participate in special performances.)

  • Where to buy shoes? -

    Classes consist of:

  • working on mastery of steps, formations and routines, posture, technique, speed, memorization, and working together as a team. Many traditional dances are taught, as well as specialized dances choreographed with a more unique "modern Irish dance" flare.